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Blanket – Cornish Sands


Machine washable at 30 degrees, Lightweight, Easy to fold, Integral handles, Secret pocket, Quilted pad, Thorn-proof, Water resistant base, Gift wrapped, Free delivery.

Grab and go! – Long handles make it easy to throw this super-light blanket over your shoulder or hang off your pushchair – you’ll forget you’re even carrying it!

Easy to fold! – and tie neatly with a securely stitched, integral ribbon (that can’t go missing!)

Get comfy quilted duvet-style – Snooze in the sunshine or snuggle down under the stars on the padded base.

Water-resistant Oilcloth – and thorn-proof cotton provides a hard-wearing base that smooths out any prickles or pebbles and prevents damp bottoms!

Secret pouch – with a secure Velcro closure and a handy ring to secure your keys means you can avoid any ‘going home’ nightmares and safely hide away your purse, phone and any precious stones you find on the beach…

Machine Washable! – There’s no need to cry over spilt milk/wine… It is machine washable at 30 degrees so you can enjoy that ’just washed’ freshness every outing.

Delightfully Gift Wrapped – Each blanket is beautifully presented and delivered tissue-wrapped in a gift box tied with ribbon. Ready to give as a gift – or treat yourself!

Two base-colours – choose from Vibrant ‘Strawberry Fields’ or classic ‘Cornish Sands’ in our signature polka dot: each with a red gingham topper.

Generous Size – opens out to a generous 150cm (59”) x 115cm (42”) and folds up to a handy size (39cm wide x 29cm high x 10cm deep).

Uses – Never ending, inside the house, in the car and outside.